Information for traveling [English]

1. About Access

・The nearest station of our hotel is Arima onsen station.

Please come to Sannomiya or Osaka by limousine bus

from Kansai International Airport.

・From there, it is convenient to use the express bus.

But, there is not too much bus service from Sannomiya. Please be careful.

・If you come to here by car, you can put your car in our hotel`s parking.

In that case, please come to the our hotel`s front door.

But, a large bus can`t park in our parking.

At that time, please contact to us before come to here.

Then, we will show you another parking near here.

・The express bus leaves from Kyoto, Osaka and Sannomiya.

※About 70 minutes from Kyoto

※About 60 minutes from Osaka

※About 30 minutes from Sannnomiya

・If you understand Japanese, we are recommended coming here by train.

Because, a lots of train services in here.

・When you come to from Kyoto or Osaka by train, every train pass the Sannnomiya.

The applications are very useful.




・When you arrive the Arima onsen station, our driver can pick up yours

to train station or bus station. Please call to us or sent a massage to here.

But, our shuttle bus dose not move from 12 pm to 2 pm.

So, please come to here by walk or taxi.

( we don`t have a driver service to Osaka, Sannomiya or Airport.)



2. About reservation details

・There are a lot of mistakes in the reservation details. About meals, room types etc.

So, please check your details after you had a reservation.





3.About facilities

・Our hotel room is all of the non-smoking type.

・A public bath is in our hotel. Also, we have a private bath in here.

The price is 3240 yen for 45 minutes.

This time is from 4 pm to 11 pm in the night and from 5 am to 9 am in the morning.

I will ask about your private bath time, when you check in here.

( ※ except for customer of this plan )

・If you have some room reservations, we may not make next to each other.

・Our hotel is a wooden building. May be, a little sound echoes.

Also, there are a lot of stairs in the building. If you have a broken feet, please

contact to us in advance.



4.About kids

・Under 2 years old kids is free charge.

・Over 2 years old kids is 2160 yen for facility fee.

Of course, we can prepare kids meals and bed.

※The bed is 3240 yen ( Futon of Japanese style)

※The dinner is 3240 yen ( This is Japanese food for children)

※The breakfast is 2700 yen ( the same dish as adults)

Also, children can`t use some rooms.



5. About meals ( It is only reservation people)

・Please teach me in advance, if you have any allergy.

But, we can`t change seasoning etc.

And we can`t respond about it on that day of stay. Please be careful.

・Dinner`s last order is from 7:30 pm. Please check- in until 7 pm.

We may not prepare your dinner after 7 pm.



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